MN: Identity theft unravels with web of lies

Shawn Hogendorf reports:

Police have unraveled a web of lies worthy of being written into a complicated movie plot after a 42-year-old woman from Savage allegedly stole the identities of at least eight people across the country and then used the information to obtain credit cards, make numerous purchases and acquire utility services.

Nicole Frances Fry was sentenced to serve four years in prison and pay restitution to the victims of identity theft by Judge William E. Macklin in Scott County Court on Nov. 3. She was also ordered to provide a DNA sample.


After learning of the first two alleged identity thefts, detectives entered Fry’s name into a law enforcement data base. Fry’s name came up with numerous Social Security numbers from people across the country, some of whom didn’t know their identity was stolen, Kvasnicka said.

Police determined all Fry’s victims in Colorado had something in common – they were all patients at a urology clinic in Denver, Colo., where Fry was a surgery scheduler, Kvasnicka said. Police contacted the clinic and learned that Fry worked there and had access to the patient information.

One woman from Colorado who was a patient at the urology clinic had her credit compromised to the amount of $56,473 as the result of Fry purchasing two vehicles shortly before moving to Minnesota from Colorado in March, Kvasnicka said.

During a search of Fry’s home, police found the Jeep that was bought under the woman’s identity and numerous other fake documents, credit cards and driver’s licenses.

The information was forwarded to Colorado for investigation and charges.

Full story – Savage Pacer

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