MO: Documents Full Of Personal Info Found In Dumspster

Teresa Woodard reports:

Thousands of documents containing personal, confidential information were discovered in a North St. Louis dumpster. It is the kind of data that could lead to hundreds, if not thousands of cases of identity theft. But there’s no way to know how it got there, or who put it there.


“I got addresses, I got phone numbers,” he said. And there are social security numbers, names, and dates of birth listed on confidential medical records. One file shows a man admitting he’s had treatment for alcohol abuse. In a woman’s file, she admits her father died of AIDS.

“What got me is when I saw the social security numbers. I automatically knew then, this is something that shouldn’t be in the dumpster,” said Dilworth.


The paperwork is related to people who purchased life insurance policies in 2006 and 2007. The documents are from the medical exams often required before a policy can be purchased. Many of them have the company name “Examinations LTD, INC.” on them. The address in Ferguson listed for the company is a vacant home, and the phone number is disconnected. A current number listed for the company had no answer Monday night.

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