[Corrected] MO: Former SEMO Employee Found with Data Files of Personal Information of Students

Correction: Oops – disregard this entry. This was an old breach. No idea why it showed up in my news reader today.

Wes Wallace reports:

Hundreds of students received an identity theft warning following a security breach at Southeast Missouri State University.

According to the school, a grand jury in Georgia indicted a former worker on three felony counts.

Dr. Dennis Holt with Southeast, tells Heartland News the man worked for Residence Life, and he left Southeast in June of last year. The leak was discovered back in April.

Apparently someone was trying to log on without authorization, so investigators tracked the IP addresss to the man’s new location in Georgia, where they searched his home and car.

Dr. Holt thinks the 800 or so students were random targets.


Students were notified of the breach students via a letter on June 19.

Read more on KFVS.

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