MO: Hacked social media account leads to Jackson school threat

Jay Wolz reports:

Jackson police are investigating a Tuesday night incident in which a post on a social media account indicated a potential firearms threat at Jackson High School.

According to Jackson schools public information officer Merideth Pobst, a post appeared Tuesday evening on the social media platform Snapchat. The post, she said, gave the impression an act of “gun violence” was imminent at the school.

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So a hacked Snapchat account is no big deal really, right?  Well, what if it leads to school closing because of threat of violence? And what about the cost of police, school district, and federal investigations to confirm that there is no real threat or to find the perpetrator? Did the hacked Snapchat account even belong to anyone in that school district community?

Update:  Here’s another case with similarities, this one in Oneonta, New York.

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