MO: Medical records for 238 Children’s Mercy Hospital patients stolen

KTTN reports that the medical records for 238 patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital were stolen from an employee’s locked vehicle on August 4. From their report, it sounds like the employee routinely needed to take records from facility to facility. They did not explain why those records could not have remained on a server that the employee could have accessed remotely and securely.

The statement from the hospital reads:

“We have notified the affected families to let them know that limited information was stolen from the trunk of an employee’s locked car. This information does not include addresses, social security numbers or any of the families’ financial information. The locked, hard-sided case contained information about 238 patients. Once we were able to identify, recreate and verify the contents of the stolen case, all of the families were notified. We are very sensitive to these families’ concerns and have apologized to them. We are working to take all practicable steps to resolve this situation, including making identity protection services available to the families.”

But what did the information include? One parent told the news station that her child’s name, birthdate, phone number, medical record, appointment date, account number and diagnosis were included in the records stolen by the thief.

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