Mobile Hack Update

Here’s a fuller version of the Associated Press report on a breach previously reported on this blog:

… Mobile city spokeswoman Barbara Drummond said Utah authorities alerted officials Thursday night that hackers may be targeting the city. She told The Associated Press that the city shut down its computers to avoid the attack and that the hackers did not gain access to Mobile’s servers.

However, hackers did breach the website of the city webmaster, and took data from a recent program offering amnesty to people with outstanding warrants for municipal offenses.


The information from Mobile had already been made public by the city to encourage people to participate in the amnesty program, Drummond said. She said city technicians are still trying to determine whether some personal information required to log on to that website may have been stolen.

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Utah authorities notified them that hackers “may be” targeting the city? I told them twice last night that they had been hacked. No “may be” about it. And the wealth of personally identifiable information acquired by the hackers would not have been publicly disclosed. So what are they saying? And how does the city explain how the hackers acquired SSN? Do they really want the hackers to post a few SSN as proof? I hope it doesn’t come to that. Maybe hackers want to go back to old-fashioned redacted screenshots as proof of hack.

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