Molina breach on patient data (updated)

The Albuquerque Journal reports:

Molina Healthcare said Friday personal information on some of its 5,261 former members was inadvertently mailed out to individual households via postcards in mid-March.

The postcards contained a tracking number that included Social Security numbers — although not names — of individuals and sent to former Molina members, the company said in a news release. The numbers were not identified as Social Security numbers but were unlabeled data on the cards. The information was sent out by a printer contracted by the company.

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I do not see any statement on Molina’s website as of the time of this posting.  I’m curious as to how the postcards did not contain names if it was mailed out to former members.

Update: Molina Healthcare Of California Partner Plan, Inc. notified HHS that 4,744 were affected by the March 18th incident. The business associate named in their report was Creel Printing.

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