Molina Medicare enrollees notified of RxAmerica mailing error that disclosed PHI

Last month, I reported that RxAmerica and Accendo Insurance were notifying 175,000 Medicare beneficiaries that a mailing error exposed their medication name, date of birth, and member ID. It seems that Molina Medicare enrollees were also affected. A notice on their home page says:

Attention current or former members of Molina Medicare, Healthy Advantage HMO SNP, or ChoicePartners Medicare HMO

We recently learned of an incident that may have caused some of our members’ personal and health information to be exposed. On June 2, 2011, RxAmerica told us that they sent some transition fill letters that inadvertently exposed protected health information (“PHI”) pertaining to certain members through the envelope window. Please see the links below for additional details regarding this privacy incident.

The substitute notices are dated July 21, 2011.  There’s no indication of how many of their members were notified.

I do not see any report from Molina on HHS’s breach tool at this time. Then again, there was no report from RxAmerica or Accendo listed, either. That’s curious, but HHS hasn’t updated its breach tool in the past three weeks, so maybe these reports will show up with their next update.

Updated August 19, 2011: The incident is now on HHS’s breach tool:

Accendo,AZ,,”175,350″,1/1/2011,Unauthorized Access/Disclosure,Paper,,

Updated September 8, 2011: A second report from Molina is now also displayed on HHS’s breach tool:

Molina Medicare,CA,RxAmerica,”4,573″,1/1/2011,Unauthorized Access/Disclosure,Paper,,

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