Months later, Alameda County Library still doesn’t know scope of hack

Ouch. Joseph Geha reports:

More than 10 weeks after the Alameda County Library was hacked, officials say they’re still not sure how many people’s information may have been compromised.

While the library system is certain the names and addresses of at least 35 people have been exposed to hackers, the total number of library cardholders affected could be as high as about 400,000.

It’s also unclear whether additional personal information, such as driver’s license numbers, email addresses, phone numbers and birth dates of library cardholders, also was hacked.

County Librarian Cindy Chadwick said in an interview that she received an email Sept. 11 from perpetrators who listed the names and addresses of 35 hacked library patrons. The email claimed the hackers had such information for the library’s entire database of users and might sell it.

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