Mopar Parts Hacked, Account Data Leaked By @Ag3nt47

mopar-parts A hacker using the handle @Ag3nt47 has just announced a hack on one of the worlds most well known Automotive parts suppliers for Chrysler, jeep, dodge and others The leak is from the Official site of the mopar parts ( which supplies replacement and additional genuine parts for Chrysler, jeep, dodge and others is one of the North Americas largest car communities. The announcement for the leak came from twitter just a short time ago and has been posted to and > MOPAR®Hacked by Ag3nt47 @cyber_war_news >Leak… … — Tнε Assαssιη -════ι▬ (@Ag3nt47) May 19, 2013

The leaked data contains 1 administrator account with encrypted password as well as 700+ accounts from the sites user database which contain users full names, encrypted passwords and registered email addresses and some personal details such as users location and home addresses and further site related information such as comment contents. The leak was posted in raw extraction format from what ever tool @Ag3nt47 used to breach this site.

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