More breaches without details…

Some breaches newly added to HHS’s breach tool that I haven’t found details on yet:
KCI USA, Inc.”,TX,,567,9/8/2011,Theft, Other Portable Electronic Device, 12/8/2011,
Rite Aid Corporation,PA,,”2,900″, 10/7/2011, Other, Paper, 1/10/2011,
State of Tennessee Sponsored Group Health Plan,TN,,”1,770″, 10/6/2011, Unauthorized Access/Disclosure, Paper,1/10/2011,  (previously reported on
Advanced Occupational Medicine Specialists, IL , Blue Vantage Group, “7,226”, 10/12/2011, Unauthorized Access/Disclosure,  Network Server,  1/10/2011 (see this post)
Open MRI of Chicago,IL , Nation Wise Machine Buyers,”2,000″, 9/6/2011, Improper Disposal, Paper,1/10/2011,

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