More charges filed against computer fraud suspect

Martin Robinson Bowling, who pleaded guilty and was sentenced (pdf) to three years in prison for computer fraud in November 2008, is now  facing embezzlement and identity theft charges.  Bowling, whose sentence had been reduced to probation, is one of five people charged in unrelated id theft charges.  According to a news story filed by Anna Baxter of WSAZ News in West Virginia, Bowling allegedly embezzled more than $1,000 from the federal Workforce Investment Act, and also allegedly stole credit card and other personal information from the subscriber’s list of Woodcrafter’s Magazine to make unauthorized purchases on the internet.

Four others also face charges:

  • Tammy Aleshire is accused of using someone else’s name and social security number to apply for seven credit cards.
  • James Gibson is accused of making up social security numbers to open checking accounts and writing bad checks for around $12,000. He is also accused of fraudulently obtaining a cell phone account, automobile loan and multiple insurance policies.
  • Kenneth Nickoson is accused of stealing a couple  of debit/credit cards from a person who worked in a church and spending a thousand dollars with them. He also faces firearm charges.
  • Gregory Townsend opened three credit cards in his father’s name without permission and is also accused of opening up a post office box in his father’s name and directing the statements there in an attempt to keep it away from his parents attention.

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