More details emerge on NHS Lanarkshire ransomware attack

The cyber attack that led to operations and appointments being cancelled at NHS Lanarkshire was another “ransomware” case, Neil Pooran reports:

The malicious software has been identified as a programme called Bitpaymer, a new type of ransomware which was able to get past existing security measures.

Bitpaymer locks away files and demands payments in Bitcoins, an online currency, to unlock them.

It also threatens to release files if the payment is not received but NHS Lanarkshire said it had no reports this had happened.

Read more on STV News.

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  1. eca - August 29, 2017

    Its funny..
    I wonder if this is a Ploy by Some of these companies to delete/Cover/get rid of OLD data and have a reason NOT to have tax documents/UPGRADE systems that need more Room, Hard drives, data storage….

    There is to much happening. And any GOOD server company/software creater should be ahead of the task..

    BEFORE this point i would have been slapping fingers with a 3′ ruler..

    • Dissent - August 29, 2017

      This is the NHS we’re talking about. Study their history of data security and breaches. They are one of the reasons God gave us #SMH and #facepalm. But if the ransomware was a new variant, then, well….. except: how did it get into the system?

      • ECA - August 30, 2017

        tHATS IT..
        Basic protection and keeping the MAIL SERVER separate..
        Some how an Injection/INPUT of the program HAD to be done..
        USB, Floppy, Keyboard, and all that OR MAIL..

        And that Still comes back to BASIC security. EVEN from remote, from a Client reading DATA and adding DATA, there SHOULD have been SOME TYPE of protection..
        Even if it just VALIDATED that the DATA was DATA, not exe/bat/msi files..
        ANd if this is a LARGE format server…Lots of storage…IT WILL TAKE TIME to do the process.
        All of a sudden, ALL your HD start Running NUTS..??

        Thats the concern..Validating data is VERY BASIC and easy to do..
        Still want to know the OS these companies are running..

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