More escort-related services hacked

Of course, the big news today was the hack of and the potential embarrassment it may cause to those using its services to have affairs. Not to be deterred from his mission, however, @ElSurveillance continued attacking escort-related sites, posting the same message on their home page that he’s posted in the past:

Dear Admin and the clients
What such a great example you have given to the world
On how we can teach and raise our next generations
So they can live a much better life, Server and save our
Planet instead of just wasting their money and help
Spread the viruses just like every single stupid
Government in every single country do these days
Since you came all the way to here, They’re two things
That you can do while still viewing this page
1 – Turn on your volume and listen to the Qur’an & Just
Listening to your feelings instead of listening to the
Media and the stupid ISIS
2 – Have a look at your Logs which includes your IP

Today’s batch of escort-related services defaced/hacked by @ElSurveillance, with links to their mirrors on

Note: @ElSurveillance does not appear to be dumping any personal data on users, other than their IP addresses and browser info that shows up in the sites’ logs. But the hacks are are yet another reminder that if you don’t want your details and activity on a site showing up in a data dump, are you using a throwaway account and a proxy (unless, of course, you have to give your credit card details to get services or have your account deleted, in which case you better hope for strong encryption and no pissed-off employees who want to screw their employer!)

Alternatively, you could not visit/use those sites, which seems to be what @ElSurveillance is hoping you’ll choose to do.

Update: @ElSurveillance informs that he has acquired user data from sites but hasn’t dumped it – yet.

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