More Maze Team victims are revealed

A few developments concerning ransomware attacks by Maze Team:

Crossroads Technologies notifies a covered entity about ransomware attack

I think I finally have some information on the Crossroads attack claimed by Maze Team on their site.  So far, no one — not Crossroads Technologies and not CrossroadsNet have answered my repeated inquiries, despite the fact that we now have two files that Maze Team has dumped publicly: one with approximately 6,300 individuals from downstate New York  and one from Michigan with approximately 1,000 records that they added to their site. They also added a zip archive called Hospice to Crossroads’ listing.

But now we know that at least one affected covered entity in the Maze Team attack is Personal Touch Home Care of Greater Portsmouth. They notified the Vermont Attorney General’s Office on January 28, after Crossroads Technologies notified them on December 1 that they had been attacked with ransomware and were investigating the scope of the incident.

But Personal Touch Home Care of Greater Portsmouth may not be the source of the two data files mentioned above, and Crossroads Technologies has yet to issue any statement about the scope of this breach, so there may be a lot more to come.

Sunset Cardiology Named as Recent Victim

Sunset Cardiology in Florida was allegedly attacked by Maze Team on January 17, and the attackers have already dumped of their data. And this time, the attackers have started by dumping a small sample of files from identifiable patient files with patient information that includes demographic information as well as diagnoses and medical information.

As I previously reported, Maze Team had sent me a list of medically related entities that they have already attacked. Sunset Cardiology was one of those in the list, and there are still about 10 more entities that have not been publicly named yet.


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