More news items involving ransomware….

It’s gotten impossible to keep up with all the attacks, but here are some in the news today:

North American food importer Atalanta revealed that employee information was involved in a ransomware attack. Their statementMedia coverage.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in Germany was also hit by an attack that has impaired operations. Their statement and updates. Media coverage. Update of December 15: This attack was claimed by RansomExx threat actors, who have dumped what they claim is more than 70 GB of data.

Eldon School District in Missouri was closed closed Tuesday due to a ransomware attack on the district’s computer servers, according to an email sent to the district’s staff from Superintendent Matt Davis. Media coverage.

In Hawaii, a cyberattack disabled access to online servers for Oahu Transit, the operator of TheBus and Handi-Van. This one hasn’t (yet?) been confirmed as a ransomware attack, but “has all the trappings.” Media coverage.

Who’s Who?

And if you are having trouble keeping up with all the new variants of ransomware and threat actors, I feel your pain. Here are three in the news recently:

StrongPity threat actors are disseminating malware-laced Notepad++ installations that infect targets. They are also knowns as APT-C-41 and Promethium. Read more at TheDigitalHacker.

Karakurt is a financially motivated group that use exfiltration and extortion. They reportedly do not encrypt their victims’ files. Read more at BleepingComputer.

ALPHV BlackCat may be the season’s most sophisticated ransomware, says Lawrence Abrams. Read more at BleepingComputer.



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