More on the AmEx breach or is that breaches???

Now that they’ve released the names of those arrested, it’s still unclear to me whether this is a second recent breach involving an employee or if these people were part of the some ring where an arrest of another individual who was an AmEx employee was made last month. reports:

Cases against five people arrested in a credit-card and identity-theft ring in Canfield have been bound over to a Mahoning County grand jury.

Danielle Lancia, 29, and Lamar Phenizy, 22, both of Neff Drive; Christine Alkire, 49, of Callahan Road; Teddy Szalla, 22, of Pittsburgh; and Melissa Zingarelli, 36, whose last known address is in Florida, had been scheduled to appear Friday in front of Judge Scott Hunter of Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield. Prosecutor Nick Modarelli said the cases have been removed from the court and now rest with a grand jury.

Does anyone know whether these two news reports are part of one incident or two incidents? Not surprisingly, AmEx doesn’t have any statement on their web site about the breach(es).

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