More on the Wounded Warrior Project laptops theft

Back in September, I noted that a burglary at Wounded Warrior Project’s Jacksonville headquarters may have compromised some employees’ information.  WWP’s notification to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is now available online, and so we now have some additional details:

Information on the stolen laptops included employees’ names, addresses, passport numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, credit card information, bank account numbers, and/or life insurance dependent information.  In other words, pretty much everything important.

WWP reports that the laptops were remotely locked by their IT department upon discovery of the theft on July 25, and that as of the time of their September letter to Maryland, they had no reports of misuse of data.  The theft had been discovered within a matter of hours.

This was WWP’s second breach within two months, as the project had reportedly been hacked back in June, with the hackers claiming to have accessed and acquired sensitive information as well as administrative login credentials.


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