More than 100 Randolph College employees report recent identity theft (Updated)

Tim Saunders reports:

More than 100 people who work for Randolph College in Lynchburg have encountered problems this year while trying to file their tax returns.  That’s because their personal information was stolen in what appears to be a data breach.


As of Monday 103 people who work for Randolph have reported a recent case of identity theft.

The situation is being investigated by Lynchburg Police and the FBI, but Edson says the problem did not originate on campus.  She and campus administrators believe one possible culprit could be the online program Randolph uses to distribute tax forms to its employees.

Read more on WDBJ7. emailed Randolph College to inquire whether the program is associated with either of two vendors that have been linked to breaches at other entities, and will update this post if more information becomes available.

Note, Tuesday morning: in light of other reports coming out subsequently, this may be a third vendor.

Update: A Randolph spokesperson informs that the vendor was Greenshades, who previously denied any breach of their system (but were allowing employees to login using date of birth and SSN because, they claim, their clients clamored for such easy logins).

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