Nov 102015

Seung Lee reports:

Over one thousand email addresses and passwords from the music streaming app Spotify were leaked following a hack attack last week, according to multiple victims who confirmed with Newsweek.

Newsweek verified the details of the hack with nine individuals whose email addresses were posted publicly on November 2. One victim claimed he was locked out of his account for three days.


Several victims of the attack told Newsweek that Spotify did not inform them that their accounts were compromised. Some only heard back when they reached out to Spotify themselves after realizing their accounts had been hacked.

Read more on Newsweek. It seems Spotify hasn’t notified anyone or posted anything because according to their statement to Newsweek, they’re denying any hack and suggesting that the problems arose for some users because of re-use of login credentials across sites.

If you use a unique login for Spotify and found your account hacked, please let me know.

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