More than 1,400 Financial institutions in 88 Countries targeted by Banking Trojan in 2013

Swati Khandelwal writes:

As the year draws to a close, we have seen the number of emerging threats like advance phishing attacks from the Syrian Electronic Army, financial malware and exploit kits, Cryptolocker ransomware infections, massive Bitcoin theft, extensive privacy breach from NSA and many more.

The financial malware’s were the most popular threat this year. Money is always a perfect motivation for attackers and cyber criminals who are continually targeting financial institutions.

On Tuesday, Antivirus firm Symantec has released a Threat report, called “The State of Financial Trojans: 2013”, which revealed that over 1,400 financial institutions have been targeted and compromised millions of computers around the globe and the most targeted banks are in the US with 71.5% of all analyzed Trojans.

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