More than 2,500 General Communication, Inc. employees’ W-2 information stolen in phishing scam

KTVA in Anchorage reports:

Information found on GCI employees’ W-2 forms was stolen in an apparent phishing scam in February, according to the company.

In an email Friday, GCI President Greg Chapados explained the information was accessed by someone claiming to be an employee of GCI. The individual, purporting to be GCI’s chief financial officer, requested “employee payroll information, specifically copies of the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement forms for everyone who worked for GCI during calendar year 2015,” Chapados wrote.

It appears the recipient was suspicious of the request, but eventually emailed the information. It’s not clear whether the employee ever took the email up the chain to verify its authenticity.

According to KTVA, all GCI, Denali Media, UUI and Unicom employees paid in 2015 were affected by the scam.

Read more on KTVA.

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