More than 500 St. Joseph County employees were affected by wage record breach

Ted Booker reports:

Sue Burnett was among more than 500 St. Joseph County employees who received letters in October from a state agency saying their Social Security numbers were breached.

In the letter, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development informed Burnett that wage records from Indiana employers were found on Aug. 10 by a member of the public on his property.

“One of these documents contained your name and SSN,” the Oct. 22 letter to Burnett states, but “there is no indication that any additional unauthorized disclosure of your information has occurred.”

Burnett later learned that in August, an Indianapolis man alerted authorities after he found stacks of employer wage reports in his backyard. Those reports — all from 2015 — had been received by the Department of Workforce Development from several Indiana employers, including the county.

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