More than 85% of China’s app users have had their data leaked: survey

Masha Borak reports:

A survey has found that 85.2 % of app users in China have experienced data leaks, according to a report by the China Consumer Association.

For the vast majority of them (86.5%), the leaks resulted in receiving harassing calls and messages from sales departments and advertisers, while three quarters complained of getting calls from fraudsters.


The survey comes while data leak scandals are appearing in local media on a regular basis. This week, local media uncovered what could be the largest data leak in the last five years with personal data and booking information of 130 million hotel customers offered for sale for 1 bitcoin.

The week before, media uncovered that a third-party developer for Chinese mobile operators—China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom—hijacked over 3 billion pieces of user data from some of the country’s biggest tech companies.

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