More Trouble For Sony? PlayStation Servers ‘Used To Spread Stolen Data’

Thomas Fox-Brewster reports:

Things could be about to go from bad to worse for Sony. Having been allegedly hacked by a crew going by the name of Guardians of Peace (GOP) and an alleged 27GB of data chucked on numerous peer-to-peer file sharing networks, it’s now emerged PlayStation Network web servers are being used to hand out that apparently stolen information, according to security researcher Dan Tentler.

He said he looked over the nodes helping serve the content, uncovering 75 Amazon EC2 instances sharing the files. His first guess that this was a law enforcement honeypot trying to snare those downloading the data was scuppered when another researcher, Dave Maynor, found some of the hosts contained cryptographic guarantees of authenticity, known as SSL certificates, straight from Sony.

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