More Uganda based sites and KKK Attacked by @TheWikiBoat

thewikiboatOver the past few days Ugandan based websites have become a target due to a operation that has been kicked off by #GreySec. The operation is #OpFuckUganda and so far has left many sites hacked and defaced and offline from ddos. Today they have announced another string of sites that have been attacked and defaced, ddosed and minor data leaked. The sites range from private company’s to Uganda based hosting company’s. > @Zer0Pwn: University of Makerere Hacked: #OpFuckUganda @AnonPinkNinja@Cyber_War_News @TruthIzSexy

The leaked data comes from University of Makeree and web hosting company has been exposed as having vulns within their system. They also have defaced two sites, Uganda Organic Centre and a Uganda based telecoms service . At time of publishing both sites were still defaced. They have also been attacking the kkk again taking the site offline for a short period of time from ddos attacks, this isn’t the first time they have taken sights to them as they did it a few weeks ago as well. > Tibit ‏@TibitXimer Ku Klux Klan TANGO DOWN #Thewikiboat#FuckTheKlan @AnonIRC @AnonOpsSweden @Cyber_War_News@An0nKn0wledge @AnonUK

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