Mortonhall ashes data stolen from charity office

More grief and anguish for parents of dead babies.  David McCann reports:

Sensitive documents linked to the babies’ ashes scandal at Mortonhall Crematorium have been stolen in a raid on offices of the bereavement charity which exposed the malpractice.

Thieves stole a laptop containing the personal details of families affected by the controversy unearthed in December by Sands Lothian in which the ashes of new and stillborn babies were cremated and later buried without parents’ knowledge.

Vital e-mails circulated between key figures in the subsequent inquiry were also on the computer.

The laptop, which is not thought to have been encrypted, was the only item taken, alongside a box of keys.

Read more on Scotsman.

For background on the scandal involving a practice that may have gone on for over 40 years, see this news story. The practice may not have been isolated to the Mortonhall Crematorium.

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