Most imitated brands in phishing emails in first quarter of 2021: report

I don’t know about you, but we’re seeing a ton of new fraud attempts via messages. Keep yourself and  your relatives safe (especially relatives who may not be particularly scam savvy), by telling them what to expect. 

Audrey Conklin reports:

Microsoft and delivery service DHL led a list of the 10 most-imitated brands in global phishing attempts in the first quarter of 2021, new research shows.

Bad actors imitated Microsoft in 39% of all global brand phishing attempts, DHL in 18%, Google in 9%, Roblox in 6%, Amazon in 5%, Wells Fargo in 4%, Chase in 2%, LinkedIn in 2%, Apple in 2% and Dropbox in 2%, according to findings published Wednesday by cybersecurity research firm Check Point Research.

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