Move Over, Client #9

Brain Krebs reports:

A popular Web site that helps connect young women with so-called “Sugar Daddies” has fixed a major security hole that – apparently since its inception two years ago — allowed anyone with a Web browser to view the private negotiations between site members.

[…], an adult social networking site that boasts some 300,000 registered users, contained a weakness that allowed anyone to view any conversation thread between two members of the site merely by manipulating one or two characters in the Web site’s Internet address.

Worse yet, potential snoops did not need to be logged into the site to read members’ private messages. In addition, identifying the parties on either end of the transaction also was simple and could be done by non-members.

Security Fix alerted the Web site on Friday, after being contacted by a security professional who asked not to be named. Several days later, the hole was fixed.

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Comment: this one poses another interesting challenge. Will notify registered users of the breach, and if so, how? And how will their registered users and perhaps states attorney general respond in light of the TOS and Privacy Policy for the site. did not respond to an inquiry about their intention to notify registered users or states attorney general as of the time of this posting.

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