MT: Bozeman nurse and surrogate mother suing Billings Clinic, health insurer

Somewhat bizarre case reported by Jodi Hausen:

A Bozeman nurse is suing Billings Clinic and its health insurer, claiming she was wrongfully fired and denied health insurance coverage because she was pregnant as a surrogate mother for her patient.


In November 2009, Acosta-Yearick became pregnant for a patient at Bozeman OBGYN where she worked. The baby was born at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital in July 2010.

When she was fired in January, Billings Clinic “informed Mrs. Yearick that she was under investigation for insurance fraud” and “interrogated” her about her pregnancy. The clinic filed a complaint against her with the Montana Nursing Board for ethics violations.

The clinic fired her because she “used her knowledge of private, protected health information to influence and solicit a Billings Clinic Bozeman OBGYN patient to enter into a surrogacy contract resulting in personal gain.”

But Acosta-Yearick claims she is friendly with the couple who asked for her help. She did not ask for financial compensation other than expenses. She carried the woman’s baby as a gift.

Read more on Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

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