MT: Developing: Fraud reports in Butte

Tim Trainor reports:

Customers at a number of local banks and credit unions have reported fraudulent activity in their personal accounts, and area bankers recommend keeping a close eye on your finances over the next few days.

Bob Nysteun, president of Glacier Bank, said Friday that he has heard from a number of customers recently that have had their accounts hacked.

“It appears to be isolated to just Butte, Montana” Nysteun said. “Whether Glacier Bank customers or not, they all seem to be from the greater Butte area.”

Other banks whose customers have been affected include, according to bank employees, First Montana and First Citizens, among others.

Jim Clary of American Federal Savings Bank in Butte said one of his customers recently had their identity stolen and a number of $200 withdrawals were made.

Read more in the Montana Standard. So far, investigators haven’t found a common point of compromise.

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