Mt. Diablo School District notifies parents of data breach

And while we mutter and grumble about #EdTech glomming up way too much personal and sensitive information on students, let’s not forget that good old-fashioned email errors are still causing problems. In today’s episode, the Mt. Diablo School District reports that an error on August 8 was caught after 200 of 650 emails were sent out containing the wrong children’s information. The emails contained students’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, permanent student ID numbers, grade levels, and Homelink verification codes.

The notification letter appears below:

WAES breach notification letter_2018-08-29_07-57-07_0

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  1. Doug Levin - September 13, 2018

    Yet another recent incident for Mt. Diablo: that’s 3 in recent years by my count for this district. Here is one from 2018: – and yet another you reported in 2017 at:

    • Dissent - September 13, 2018

      Yep. I thought the district’s name sounded too familiar, but when I searched my site quickly, I missed the grade-hack one. Thanks, Doug!

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