Muhstik Ransomware Victim Hacks Back, Releases Decryption Keys

Yes, I know law enforcement always publicly advises against hacking back, but sometimes you just want to cheer when hacking back thwarts the bad guys. Lawrence Abrams reports:

A victim of the Muhstik Ransomware has hacked back against his attackers and released close to 3,000 decryption keys for victims along with a free decryptor to get their files back.

Since the end of September, an attacker has been hacking into publicly exposed QNAP NAS devices and encrypting the files on them. This ransomware has been named Muhstik based on the .muhstik extension appended to encrypted files.

The attacker would then demand 0.09 bitcoins, or approximately $700 USD, for a victim to get their files back.

After paying a ransom of €670, a victim named Tobias Frömel said enough is enough, and hacked back the attacker’s command and control server.

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