Mum ‘realises any fingerprint can unlock her Samsung’ with eBay screen protector

Shivali Best reports:

A mum in West Yorkshire says she was shocked to discover any fingerprint could unlock her Samsung smartphone after she’d fitted a £2.70 screen protector .

Lisa Neilson, 34, from Castleford, bought the cover from eBay in the hopes of protecting her Galaxy S10 smartphone.

However, once she’d set up her right and left thumb prints to unlock the smartphone, she says she discovered that others could also use their prints to access the device.

Read more on The Mirror.

So it seems that Samsung started to investigate this and then suddenly refused to comment further?  That doesn’t sound…. helpful.  Any security researchers want to jump in on this one?

Update:  Graham Cluley has a thoughtful commentary on the claim and how the problem could occur.

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