Muslim Directory hacked, 38,903 User Credentials Leaked

A hacker using the handle @th3inf1d3l has today announced an leak of data from resulting in 38,903 User credentials being leaked online. The breach has been announce from th3inf1d3l’s twitter account with a link to pastebin which contains a short message, some server and database information and a link to the complete leak on

OpFuckMohammad Greetings from th3inf1d3l. Breached accounts with 38943 unique emails with plaintext passwords including addresses, phone numbers, place of business for the site (a UK muslim info center) at Islamaphobia in full swing, look at everything that has been infiltrated from hosptials, finacial institutions to city councils. Even if 99% are "peace-loving" muslims, that leaves 389 in all aspects of British life.

The leaked data contains users phone numbers, addresses, full names, email addresses and passwords which are clear text. Not all accounts have full credentials. In the past we have seen other attacks by th3inf1d3l but it has been some time since they have leaked anything like this. The attack has been done in the name of #OpFuckMohammad which th3inf1d3l  was running before. source:

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