Muslim Hacktivists Hack ISIS website; expose 2,000 subscribers list

Waqas reports:

A group of Muslim hacktivists from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, the Sunni sect of Islam and going by the online handle of Di5s3nSi0N hacked the official website of ISIS/ISIL (Daesh) and leaked a list of more than 2000 people who had subscribed to the site’s newsletter and updates through email.

A week ago, the targeted website Amaq which also works as a news agency for the terrorist organization claimed that it was facing increasing cyber attacks against the agency and that it has increased its security and now their admins can tackle “any type of hack.”

Read more on HackRead.

Note that HackRead’s headline at the time of this posting says that the hack exposed “20,000 subscribers list,” but according to the story, that headline number should probably be 2,000.

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