Mar 232018

In  2016, I reported on a leak involving a Mexican voter registration database with details on 93.4 million Mexican voters. The list had been in the possession and control of one of the political parties there, Movimiento  Ciudadano, who  tried to claim that they were hacked by none other than Chris Vickery, who had discovered their leak. Movimiento Ciudadano got no comfort from Amazon Web Services, who denied MC’s claim of “HACKED.”

Today, Movimiento Ciudadano got their comeuppance, so to speak. They were fined 34.1 million pesos (USD $1.8m) by the complaint commission of the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) for negligence in failing to properly secure the list.

Thanks to @HectorGuzmanMx for sharing the news.

  2 Responses to “MX: Movimiento Ciudadano fined almost $2 million for 2016 voter list data leak”

  1. Good find. I recall this one. TY for this finishing touch.

    • I can’t take credit for finding it. Hector, who had been very helpful to me in understanding Mexican law when the leak happened, DMd me today to show me the update. I am fortunate to have a number of people who think to send me leads or links or info.

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