MY: Over 1 Million UiTM Students and Alumni Personal Details Leaked Online

Vijandren reports:

A total of 1,164,540 records, belonging to students who enrolled for various courses at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) between 2000 and 2018 has been breached and leaked online.

The leaked data includes detailed records of students from the UiTM main campus in Shah Alam, as well as it’s 13 autonomous state campuses around the country. Also affected in the data breach are students who have enrolled for UiTM accredited courses at external colleges – namely Kolej INPENS, Kolej Yayasan Terengganu, Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran Johor, Institut Yayasan Bumiputera Pulau Pinang, Kolej UNITI, Kolej Chermai Jaya, Kolej Lagenda Langkawi and Institut Teknologi Perak.

Personal details in the breached data includes Student ID, Student Name, MyKAD Number, Address, Email Address, Campus Codes, Campus Names, Program Codes, Course Levels as well as Handphone numbers.


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