MyHeritage Genealogy Site Announces Mega Breach Affecting 92 Million Accounts

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Family genealogy and DNA testing site MyHeritage announced on Monday a security breach during which an attacker made off with account details for over 92 million MyHeritage users.

In a statement on its website, MyHeritage said it became aware of the incident on Monday, the same day of the announcement.

The incident came to light after a security researcher found an archive on a third-party server containing the personal details of 92,283,889 MyHeritage users.

Read more on BleepingComputer.  And you can immediately see the impact of GDPR:

The company announced the breach in the same day it found out about it because of the EU’s GDPR legislation that forces companies activating in the EU to disclose any security incident within three days of finding out.

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