Nasa Hacked and Data Leaked after they didnt take it serious

content/images/gallery/random3/nasa-pastebin-com_.png In what is going to be probably one of the biggest attacks of the year NASA has been hacked and had a large amount of data taken. This attack has come from a hacker using the handle @r00tw0rm and was announced via twitter. The leaked data it self is most likely something NASA could of prevented by responding to the hackers who had contacted NASA about the exploit. As stated by r00tw0rm NASA didnt take it so serious so now they have had a very minor part of the data leaked. This comes as we seen the same thing happen yesterday due to a stubborn forum admin, so it makes us wonder how many companys out there ignore the contact or see it as a threat when all they have to do is acknowledge the exploit and move forward and fix the problem. Message from the release

"Join #IRC and turn on teh music. Fuck your OS, buh learn something. Either fuck or get fucked, It’s fair (; . Gonna meet a bitch after noon, cause tonight I would be busy with this machine. They may track meh, buh I dun give a fuck! #anti-sec #Anonymous #TeaMp0isoN are already doing a good job. It’s good to fight against c0rruption and c0rrupt governments. Buh why j00 p30pl3 always expect from tehm? You should have expected us as well!" Complete Database is in GB’s, well we aren’t leaking it. We may Keep all parts in our private home! Yet only little bit dump or few columns data is released just to inform NASA that being National Aeronautics and Space Administration you must also keep your Servers up to date! "Fuck your security team, what are they being paid for ?" We did contact NASA few days ago but I think they don’t wanna take it serious. Showing off so that they may take it serious and patch vuln soon!


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