National Rifle Association hacked by Grief?

This one could be interesting, if verified and depending on what data the threat actors may have acquired.

Grief has added the NRA to their dedicated leak site.

NRA listing on Grief

So far, they have dumped two screencaps and a file with grants information as proof of claim. One of the screencaps included some financial data.

Depending on what files Grief acquired, there might be files relating to NRA’s failed attempt to declare bankruptcy in New York. There might also be files that might shed light on any lobbying efforts or relationships with members of Congress that might not have been made public in the past.

Then again, it could all be a nothingburger. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess. sent an inquiry to the NRA earlier today but has received no reply as  yet.

Update:  The NRA listing was subsequently removed from Grief’s site, which is interesting because Grief is on a list of entities that should not be paid (because of presumed connection to Evil Corp). Did NRA pay Grief? If so, will they be in trouble with Treasury?

One other detail of note. As soon as I and others started tweeting about the Grief listing, a bot appeared to like and RT all tweets. Within hours, my tweet had more than 200 RTs from accounts that were opened in August and had 0 followers and 0 following.

Twitter purged them but with updated tweets, the bot kept retweeting and liking, despite requests to Twitter to clean up Aisle 4.  By now, however, the remnants of the bot are gone from my timeline. I am reluctant to try to waken them again.

Updated Nov. 1, 2021 10:23 am:  NRA is listed again on Grief’s leak site and the threat actors have added one more file to their proof of claim, a file relating to corporate insurance.



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