NATO press release: Probable data breach from a NATO-related website

Following the recent operation anti security and lots  breaches that also hit NATO there has been a news release on the NATO website outlining that cyber crime police have been in contact with them about the breaches. The breaches and leaked documents relate to LulzSec’s 50th day release package and the announcement that they are heading to shore and the lulz boat is no longer sailing.   as from nato site:

Police dealing with digital crimes have notified NATO of a probable data breach from a NATO-related website operated by an external company. NATO’s e-Bookshop is a separate service for the public for the release of NATO information and does not contain any classified data. Access to the site has been blocked and subscribers have been notified.

NATO’s Strategic Concept, approved last November, identifies cyber defence as one of the critical capabilities which the Alliance should develop to prevent, detect, defend against and recover from cyber-attacks. To deal with this growing threat, NATO defence ministers agreed this month on a cyber defence action plan. This action plan is already being implemented.

This shows for any one that doesn’t believe that these documents are real that they are…. Original Warning video from Anonymous to NATO

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