NC: Brunswick school officials, law enforcement investigate district computer hacking

The Port City Daily reports:

Brunswick County education officials and law enforcement believe the district’s ongoing technology worries might be the work of a hacker.

According to a news release, the district recently called in the sheriff’s office to help the technology department investigate denial-of-service (DDoS) issues impacting the system’s network since January.

“Initially, the issues were sporadic but over the past weeks have escalated, resulting in significant interruptions to the system’s internet connectivity,” Brunswick County Schools Spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said. “These interruptions cause a loss of instructional time, decreased productivity, and have created an inability to execute required online state assessments.”


That “outside source” is likely a current or former student or staff member, Swencki added. Based on a preliminary investigation, whoever is interrupting connections has–at some point–been an authenticated user of the Brunswick County Schools network.

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