Jan 162018

This report was published December 28, 2017, but I’m first seeing it today.

Joe Dexter reports on the devastation Rockingham County Schools experienced after employees fell for a phishing email. The only good news, perhaps, was that personal information did not appear to have been  acquired or exfiltrated:

All it took was several downloads of a Microsoft Word document to completely shut down the computer network and internet structure at Rockingham County Schools, officials announced Wednesday.

During an emergency board meeting Wednesday, the school board voted 7-1 to approve a 12-month, $314,000 service contract with Atlanta-based ProLogic ITS, pending legal review.


The Emotet entered the schools computer systems on Dec. 11 through a phishing email that was opened and a Word attachment entitled “INCORRECT INVOICE” was downloaded on several different machines.


Approximately 20 physical and virtual servers will be need to be rebuilt by hand.

Read more on Rockingham Now.

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  1. Some more details, including video of Superintendent at press conference about the incident available at: https://www.edtechstrategies.com/blog/press-conference-rockingham-county-nc-schools-respond-to-a-malware-attack/

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