NC: Gaston College still investigating February cyberattack; personal information stolen still being determined

Taylor Young reports:

Gaston College is a victim of a ransomware attack that prompted the school to take critical systems offline for caution.

A college spokesperson said the it discovered the security issue Feb. 22.

The school provided alternative links for students and staff, so campus operations and classes could continue.


Two weeks ago, those links were no longer needed. But the investigation continues.

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The college disclosed the incident at the time and has provided updates.

Paying ransom was not even an option for them as North Carolina law prohibits it and they complied with the law about not even engaging with the threat actors.

In related coverage, The Gaston Gazette reports that a May 4 email to faculty and staff said the college is reviewing data that was potentially compromised during the attack. Faculty and staff have been urged to sign up for credit monitoring.

On April 6, the Snatch Team had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Listing on Snatch Team’s leak site on April 6, 2023. Image:

Snatch Team subsequently leaked more than 150 GB of files they claimed to have exfiltrated from the school.

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