NC: Piedmont Credit Union members report fraud

Yet another payment processor? Is this related to other incidents reported this past week or something else? Who knows…. they don’t tell us.

Denice Thibodeau reports:

About 15 members of Piedmont Credit Union reported fraudulent purchases on their Visa-issued debit cards Tuesday, according to credit union president Tom Shields.

Shields said people reported money missing from their account for purchases they did not make with their Visa-issued debit cards. He said the fraudulent purchases are not connected to the credit union’s ATM cards.

“Most of the purchases were made in Florida,” he said, adding that many of the purchases were made at gas stations.

The incidents are being investigated to find out where the security breach is — within the credit union itself or one of its outside contractors that deals with various aspects of credit/debit card transactions, Fidelity Credit Card Processing or Fiserve EFT, Shields said.


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