NC: Private, Medical Information Left Out in a Dumpster

Jonathan Rodriguez reports:

 9 On Your Side is investigating a case of medical records privacy.

A viewer told us about finding some documents with personal, medical information dropped in a dumpster.


Right at the top of the trash can we found check receipts, email addresses, phone numbers, and a lot more personal information.

It’s probably not the first place you’d be looking but even a viewer who was just walking by found these documents.

Some of the paperwork contained private medical diagnosis – things like depression and high blood pressure.

Several of the papers in the dumpster contained names, addresses, phone numbers, Medicaid numbers…the whole nine yards.


The dumpster is beside the former Restart Behavioral Health Care building in Greenville, which recently moved to a new location.

Restart is owned byGreenvillecity council member Dennis Mitchell.

On several of the documents we found Restart’s logo.

Mitchell refused to talk with me on camera but during a phone conversation he told me Restart has all of its files on computer now and any other documents are shredded.

However, he couldn’t tell us why these documents with so much personal information and Restart’s name on them, were not destroyed.

He also demanded we give the documents back.

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