NE: Lincoln police investigating credit card number theft

Cory Matteson reports that customers at three banks have been victims of fraud, but it is not clear whether the fraud is linked to recent arrests of two individual or is unconnected:

Officer Katie Flood said the purchases — often ordered from far-flung places such as Hong Kong — were made with debit and credit card numbers acquired from account holders at Cornhusker Bank, Pinnacle Bank and West Gate Bank. ….. How the numbers were obtained is unknown, Flood said Monday. She said it appeared some type of database had been breached.

Whether the unauthorized purchases were connected with two Lincoln residents arrested last week and suspected of stealing credit card numbers to make unauthorized online purchases is unknown, Flood said.


A probable cause affidavit for Kipf’s arrest said police were allowed by Nguyen to search a laptop computer found in Kipf’s hotel room. The affidavit says a folder on the computer’s hard drive holds the names of 26 people, along with their addresses, phone numbers, credit card or debit numbers and three-digit security codes.

Read more in the Lincoln Journal Star. I expect we’ll see more on whether this is one breach incident or more.

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