NEAT Management Group joins stolen laptop club

Tim McCoy & Associates (dba NEAT Management Group) is notifying employees, partnering agents, and insurance carriers that their names, social security numbers, dates of birth, contact information, and in some cases, employer identification number, were on an unencrypted laptop stolen from a software programmer.

The laptop theft occurred August 27, but it appears that NEAT did not learn of it until September 15.

The notification letter, dated September 16, did not indicate whether the laptop was stolen from the employee’s home, car, or elsewhere.

Those affected were offered redit monitoring services through Experian ProtectMYID.

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  1. Duane Rapini - September 22, 2014

    All my personal info that I am so protective of. Every year I take multiple courses on compliance, HIPPA, etc. I never even did any business with this company except license with Chesapeake Life through them. My appointment was dissolved in 2009. Shouldn’t they have shredded my personal info? Why did they give this to a third party who didn’t know anything about protecting personal information? The story I got when I called Neat Management was that the laptop was on the backseat of his car while shopping at Whole Foods. Doesn’t Neat Management have a strategy for protecting our information. I do. One year membership with Esperian credit protection doesn’t begin to make up for their incompetence. 60 minutes just had a report about identity thief’s who just wait a year and then use your info they stole. This is a life long problem for me that I now have to pay someone to protect my personal info because of their incompetence. Neat should be paying the cost of this. Not us agents that they betrayed.

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