@neatstuffs last dump, 7 government sites and more

Recently @neatstuffs has been busy doing a fair few leaks, on the way picked up some haters some of which left comments on our site (trolls), Anyways, @neatstuffs has announced they are giving up the hacking game, removing anything to do with hacking from the pc and moving on. In the final release comes a README, which has a funny FAQ.

Hi, this is neatstuffs. This will be my final release ever. I am also deleting all hacking software on my computer and also will not be updating my twitter as frequently. So trust me, this time will be the end. In my time of being a hacker, I dumped information from 15 different sites on pastebin. Here’s my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/Mr-Green(Don’t ask why I’m "Mr. Green") Well, I don’t really have anything else to say. Here’s an FAQ: Q: Why would anyone care about the stuff you release? A: I don’t know. Ask my twitter followers. I’m sure someone in the world would have a use for some of the stuff I’ve released. Q: Why are you leaving? A: Mainly because I don’t want to get caught and be in jail for 20 years. Q: Why are you so awesome? A: I don’t know. I’ve always been like this. That last question  was the most popular probably.That’s all. -Neatstuffs https://www.twitter.com/neatstuffs P.S. I have defaced websites in the past also. Here’s what I put: https://pastehtml.com/view/b1ot64amg.html P.S.S. Follow these twitter accounts: Cyber_War_News ForFreed0m cyberhoran Connexion_Lulz AnonymousWiki Okay, go away now

Now the leaks come in a zip file, some have logins for admins/members/users etc…. > neatstuffs Lulz Bus 7 government website dumps, account info, and moremediafire.com/?h6kzwb1howbjh…

The government sites that have been hacked and leaked are. nass.gov.ng nbts.gov.jm nongwang.hainan.gov.cn mocat.gov.bd nsb.gov.bt rosstc-herefordshire.gov.uk sisonlgu.gov.ph Anyways, See ya later @neatstuffs, thanks for all the entertainment 🙂

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